Blue Green
Stationary - Another competitor is following close behind.

Waved - Another competitor is trying to overtake.
All clear, at the end of a danger area controlled by yellow flags. Also used to signal the start of a formation lap and shown at all posts during first lap of each practice session and during the formation lap.
White Black/White Diagonal
A service car or slow moving car is on the circuit. The white flag will be waved to indicate the sector of the track that the slow moving vehicle is in, and held stationary whilst the vehicle is in the next sector. A warning, to the driver that his behaviour is suspect and that he may be black-flagged on further reports. Displayed with a white number.
Yellow Black, Orange Disc
Stationary - Danger, slow down sufficiently to ensure that full control of the vehicle can be retained. No overtaking.

Waved - Great danger. Slow down considerably. Be prepared to suddenly change from the projected racing line, or take other evasive action including stopping if necessary. No overtaking. (This signal may be supplemented by flashing yellow light(s), as an added warning).
Notification of apparent mechanical failure or of a fire which might not be obvious to the driver. The car concerned must call at its pit for repairs on the next lap. Displayed with white number.
Yellow/Red Black
Stationary - Slippery surface ahead.

Waved - Slippery surface imminent.
The driver must stop at his pit within one lap of receiving the signal and report to the Clerk of the Course. A penalty of exclusion may be enforced by display of the Black flag. Displayed with white number.
Red Black/White Chequered
Immediately cease driving at racing speed and proceed slowly, without overtaking, and with maximum caution to pits or start line obeying marshal's instructions, and being prepared to stop should the track be blocked. End of race or practice.
Green, yellow Chevron
False start. (Karting only)
Yellow/Black Quartered
This flag may be introduced by the Clerk of the Course following a report from an Observer. The flag will first be displayed at the start/finish line and then in trackwise order at all flag posts. On passing the flag at the start/finish line, the race leader must slow down sufficiently (to around 50 mph/80kph maximum) and all competing cars must line up in order behind the Race leader who will act as the pace setter. No overtaking permitted.

The field will remain in close formation, at reduced speed, for as long as it takes to clear the obstruction or remove the hazard, whatever its nature. Competitors who fail to slow down sufficiently or who overtake under the Yellow/Black flag, thereby gaining advantage, may be excluded or otherwise penalised.

When the Clerk of the Course is satisfied that the track is clear, or the problem resolved, the Race will be resumed with a Green flag at the start/finish line and the simultaneous withdrawal of all Yellow/Black flags around the circuit.
Red and Green Lights National Flag
Mandatory for the starting signal. Should only be used as a starting signal if the lights fail.
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