Would you like to help fund the Scottish Karting website? Even the smallest contribution will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way to help fund this information resource.
What do I get for my money? Your company or personal graphics will appear on the right of every page on our website. These graphics are 'clickable' through to your own website and there's space for a mouseover description so even the smallest square will contain meaningful text. Adverts will run for the minimum of one year which is a whole load of advertising for the cost. Just look at the statistics for the past year to see the exposure you will get.
Statistics 2010
Month Unique
Visits Pages Hits
Jan 5456 16743 155283 391649
Feb 5011 14977 141761 368196
Mar 6104 19295 186046 459534
Apr 5393 18390 203331 450013
May 5365 18884 193927 423667
Jun 5259 17710 175935 404513
Jul 4882 15925 143397 317476
Aug 5576 16996 168081 380809
Sep 5480 14729 146625 342891
Oct 5311 14142 125019 293323
Nov 5648 16964 160322 334478
Dec 4794 15647 139529 284465
Totals 64279 200402 1939256 4451014
There are 960 (10x10 pixel) squares available in total. We've allocated 0 already leaving only 960 available.
How much do they cost? Not as much as you may think at only 0.035p per pixel, available in 100 pixel blocks (each measuring 10x10 pixels). Your contribution, however small, will go a long way to help run the website.
Here are some examples with costs:
This square measures 10x10 pixels and will cost you only 3.50 for a whole year.
  This box measures 50x30 pixels and will cost you only 52.50 for a whole year. Remember when the image is clicked, the user will be taken to your own website. Mouseover text means that every advert will be noticable no matter how large or small. Try mousing over the boxes.
How do I purchase space? It's really easy. Just contact us giving the following information:
  • The total amount of your purchase - 3.50 per 100 (10x10) pixel box
  • The co-ordinates of the square(s) that you want to purchase
  • We will contact you to request the following:
    • An image file(s) in either GIF or JPEG format
      (We can do your artwork FOC - Sorry, no animated images)
    • The text you would like to see displayed
    • Your website address for clicking through
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