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Our site map provides a detailed description of each section on the Scottish Karting web site. Please click on the blue links to go directly to any section.
 home  Our home page with news items, links to recent results and our karting calendar.
 forum  The Forum is where you can make your point online or reply to points made by others. News items are listed at the top of the page.
 funding  You can help to fund the Scottish Karting website and by advertising on the strip to the right hand side of every page. Even the smallest contribution would be appreciated.
 circuits/clubs  Kart clubs and Scottish circuit information with details and photographs of tracks and suggested sprocket sizes for the different classes.
 starting karting  Everything you need to know about starting kart racing.
 kart classes  Information on popular kart classes raced in Scotland. There's a class to suit all sizes and budgets.
 flags  An informative section on the flag signals used in kart racing. The next time the Clerk of the Course asks you what a yellow means you'll be able to give the correct answer!
 calendar  Interactive race calendar and planner showing Scottish and UK club and national championships. Updated when necessary to take account of date changes. Plan your racing season with ease.
 results  Interactive results service allowing detailed analysis of performance on the track.
 kart market  Sales and wants advertisements including photographs. Advertise your karting gear here.
 directory  Searchable directory of traders and other contacts both in Scotland and the UK as a whole. Includes street maps.
 askc  Official Association of Scottish Kart Clubs (ASKC) page with contacts, news and other useful information. A generic race entry form is available on this page.
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 contacts  The various methods you can use to contact us. Includes an enquires form.
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